Punisher Skull - Bloody Drip, Original Art
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Punisher Skull - Bloody Drip, Original Art

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The painting captures intensified Punisher skull with blood splatter, flow and drip-down the sloping angle. Aside from the obvious images of Frank Castle and use by military, skulls are the symbol of our ultimate toughness and struggle, beneath our flesh is what will remain as we struggle through daily challenges of life. It reminds us of what we really are and symbolizes toughness, weakness and fear all at the same time; it's why we're attracted to skulls. It's a symbol of many things.

The artwork was sketched and painted on 14 in x 17 in (35.6 x 43.2 cm) 80 lb. (130 g/m) medium surface paper, sketching done with 8B graphite pencil, and painted with most acrylic paint & some watercolor.

This original painting will be shipped in a mailing tube with tracking.